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Pickle Restaurant

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What chef-patron Sunil Ghai does in Pickle is simple: he takes basic things – chicken thighs; rice; lamb shank; prawns; goat mince; kulfi – and through complex, finessed, experienced technique, he transforms them utterly. The dishes hide the effort needed to create them, and simply offer powerful tastes and textures – kernels of sweetcorn and cashews with chicken; avocado pickle with grilled prawns, intensified with a wasabi yogurt and almonds; the deep sour note in lamb vindaloo; the sweet resonance of marrowbone in the lamb; the crisp bite of home-made mango pickle with pillowy, delicate pooris; the unforgettable kali dal. It’s a masterly performance, and such red-hot cooking has made Pickle one of the biggest hits of the year in Dublin. Benny Jacob and his crew at front of house make it all seem effortless.

Benny Jacob
42 Camden Street, Dublin 2, Co Dublin
+ 353 1 5557755

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